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The beginning.

Posted on January 7, 2013

So, the beginning… way back when… the old days. It’s the final year at Uni, crunch time. The dissertation to write, the cups and cups and cups and cups of coffee. When our lecturers say “I need to speak to you?”, you tend to think the worst, since when do lecturers speak to you!?

“We have a proposition for you.”


We got invited to compete and propose a new brand identity for the Art & Design department. Y’know, it’s not like we have our dissertation and a bazillion other projects to do, but meh, why not. It begins.

Our Pitch.

Craig and Laura (that’s us!) were up against two other teams, we worked solidly to produce what we felt was a true representation of the place we worked in.

Our brand identity and brand experience concepts are going to be implemented across the university’s Art & Design department, nationally and internationally.

Watch this space!